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Tomorrowland 2018

Tomorrowland 2017

Weekend #1
Departure: 18th July
Departure home: -

Pick-up spots:

- Oslo - 10:00

- Stockholm - 07:00
- Norrköping - 09:30
- Linköping - 10:30
- Jönköping - 12:45
- Göteborg - 15:00
- Kungsbacka - 15:45
- Halmstad - 17:15
- Helsingborg - 18:15
- Malmö - 19:15

- København - 20:15
- Køge - 21:00

Weekend #2
Departure: 25th July
Departure home: -

Pick-up spots:

- Oslo - 10:00

- Stockholm - 07:00
- Norrköping - 09:30
- Linköping - 10:30
- Jönköping - 12:45
- Göteborg - 15:00
- Kungsbacka - 15:45
- Halmstad - 17:15
- Helsingborg - 18:15
- Malmö - 19:15

- København - 20:15
- Køge - 21:00

We are a Swedish company but we have all information in English on our site since we also have travellers from Denmark, Norway and Finland 🙂


Event information

Age limit:

Same year as you turn 18


Boom, Belgium


NORMAL – 6995:-


Are you an official partner?

Yes we are an official travel partner with Tomorrowland. All tickets, wristbands, travel packages etc is completely authentic. You can find us represented on Tomorrowlands website under ‘bus travel partners’ section.

If you stil are worried then you can look at our pictures from our 2016:s tour HERE.

What is included?

Scroll down further on this page.

What is the maximum amount of tickets I can order?

8 packages per booking.

What information do you need for the booking process?

  • First and last name
  • Home address
  • Birth date (Ex: 950204)
  • Zip code
  • City
  • Country
  • Email address (Your friends email as well)
  • You and your friends mobile number:  +47/+46/+45 – 70 123 45 67
    (Remove the first zero/number and replace it with +47 for Norway | +46 for Sweden | +45 for Danmark)
  • Pickup location
  • Gender
  • T-shirt size (Your friends size as well)

Which payment option do you prefer?

We recommend you to use SWISH.

I can't find any answer to my question 🙁

Look in our regular FAQ HERE.
Otherwise if you can’t find your answer there either then simply send us a mail HERE 🙂

Is there some extra information about paying with SWISH?

If you are a Swedish resident and wish to book your trip to Tomorrowland with us, you are recommended to install the SWISH application well before the ticket release for a smoother ordering process. Please note that Swedish travelers are only able to pay with SWISH, no other payment method will be accepted. Don’t forget to raise the maximum spending roof on SWISH at your bank and make sure no problems can occur during the ordering process. Unpaid orders will be canceled after 15 minutes. When the payment has been finalized and you have received an email and text message from us, the order has been accepted and you will receive the ticket on your email. Make sure to keep this ticket, we also recommend you to print the ticket as soon as possible after receiving so you don’t lose it.

Are you sending out newsletters?

It’s very important that you take part in the information given before the trip. We always send at least two newsletters by email containing everything from information regarding the trip itself to updates regarding the festival so make sure to check your mail everyday and also your spam folder. You will also be introduced to your tour operators to make sure you know who to turn to in case you have any questions during the trip. The newsletters will also be published in our Facebook page and we will be updating this page regularly with information regarding our trip to Tomorrowland.

What am I allowed to bring to the camping?

If you want to know more about what rules and conditions for the festival you can check then out here Tomorrowland rules and conditions.
(In short) what’s not allowed to bring to DreamVille (camping area)

  • Food and beverages in glas containers
  • Narcotics (if you’re bringing pharmaceuticals you have to bring a prescription)
  • Deodorant or perfume in large containers (max 100 ml)
  • Items the security staff deem a risk (eg umbrellas, parasol, laser pen)
  • Projectiles or explosives in all forms
  • Flammable items or materials
  • Pyrotechnic items
  • Any kind of weapon or sharp object
  • Banners or other items with discriminating and/or provocing texts and/or expressions that might disturb the peace
  • Animals (guide dog not included)
  • Drones
  • Selfie stick over 1 m long

How much luggage am I allowed to bring?

Per person:
1 pc max sports bag in the bus.
2 pc travel bag i the trunk.
1 pc tent/bedroll/sleeping bag

Of course are stuff like pillow etc allowed in the bus as well 🙂

Which payment options do you offer?

  • Card payment
    – Pay with VISA / Mastercard / AMEX and more.
  • Payment with SWISH. (Only for Swedish travelers)

Travel package

Everything below in the travel package is included when you book a tour with Coretours.

Full Madness Pass & Friendship Garden
The Treasure Case with Bracelet 4 days (including pre-party) of madness and camping on one of the best areas at Tomorrowland 2018 is included. (Worth 440€ = 4350SEK)

Travel back and forth with your friends in a 5/5 star rated tourist bus.

Electrical charging
Our buses are equipped with 230V sockets. Here you can charge your phone, laptop etc completely free.

Tax-free shopping & Bordershop
We stop by at bordershop, Calles or Flaeggard for buying some tasty food, candy and alcohol at low prices.

Amazing fellowship
While on the bus while you meet people with the same party mood and dedication as you.

We have a big trailer behind our bus so you can bring much luggage with you to Tomorrowland 2018.

Coretours camp
We have our own area at DreamVille, the camping of Tomorrowland. This means you can stay with all you friends from the bus on the same place. We are staying at a place called Friendship Garden.

Borrow a tent
Don’t wanna spend cash on a expensive tent you are never going to use again? Wanna get rid of all the hassle by bringing a tent to and from the bus at home? Let us do the work and borrow one from us once we arrive to Tomorrowland.

About Tomorrowland 2018

This year, a new chapter will be written as Coretours will be arranging a tour to Tomorrowland 2018 – one of the biggest electronic music festivals in the world. With their 180 000 visitors each year, Tomorrowland is a truly magnificent festival and a must-go for true EDM lovers.

Tomorrowland 2018 is a three day festival (+The Gathering pre-party on Thursday) and this year it will be held on two weekends. At the festival area you will experience top-of-the-line DJ:s from several different genres within the electronic music scene. Visiting Tomorrowland means you will be experiencing a world class arrangement with scene decorations you can only dream of, the very best music together with the people you will never forget. Since its start in 2005, Tomorrowland has become one of the most notable global festivals in the world – and there’s no doubt why.

Tomorrowland can not really be described, it has to be experienced. Take a moment and watch the aftermovies and look at the pictures from the previous years and get lost in the magic. We will soon have a date for our ticket release – keep an eye out on our social medias so you won’t miss it!

Coretours is an official travel partner with the creators of Tomorrowland,  and we will be having a round trip including entrance tickets and camping spots for you. We have a limited amount of tickets, so make sure you are well prepared for the ticket release. With our tour we will make the travel experience one of the best this weekend; you just get on the bus, have a nice ride and pre-party with your fellow ravers and Coretours family on the bus before entering the festival. When we are ready to head home, with new memories, friends and blisters on our feet, you just get on the bus and we will take you back to your chosen pickup spot.

From our tour 2016

Gruppfoto Tomorrowland 2016

Aftermovie 2017

Aftermovie 2016

Wanna book bus only?

Special booking request

We do offer a bus only with travel package as well to Tomorrowland 2018. Click on the image to the left to read more.